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Rapha introduces knee pads to its MTB product line

Published February 25, 2022

(BRAIN) — Rapha has developed what it calls "a super lightweight, pedal-friendly, and trail-oriented knee pad," created in partnership with Rheontm Labs.

The Rapha Trail Kneepads utilize active polymer technology, and the Rheontm Labs' pad geometries create motion flexibility while stiffening upon impact. The front outer layer is made from SuperFabric, a ceramic polymer reducing friction and adding tear resistance. In addtion, air flow is enhanced through the pad because of geometric patterning of the material, according to Rapha.

A wide leg gripper sits high on the thigh and works in conjunction with ergonomic patterning behind the knee to keep the pads in place. 

The Trail Knee Pads are built to work with the Trail Pants, Trail Shorts and Trail Liner Bib Shorts in Rapha MTB's range of Performance Trailwear. The Trail Kneepads have an MSRP of $110.

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