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Challenge tire adds fat ‘cross tires and new Flandrien model

Published September 28, 2023

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (BRAIN) — Challenge Tires is launching new models including some non-UCI compliant 38mm cyclocross tubulars.

The company's line now includes some 38mm ‘cross tubulars and tubeless-compatible tires. Most tire brands phased out cyclocross-specific tires wider than 33mm after the UCI banned them in international competition. Riders in non-UCI races who wanted wider tires have been opting for gravel clinchers or tubeless tires with heavier casings and treads that are not cyclocross-specific. 

For this season, Challenge will make its Grifo and Limus treads available at 38mm in tubular and tubeless-compatible models. Both come with handmade 300-tpi casings; the tubulars have latex tubes and the tubeless-compatible versions are compatible with hookless rims. The Grifo model will be available first with the Limus mud-specific tread to follow this year. The tubeless models retail for $85 and the tubulars are $89. The Grifo and Limus also continue to be available in 33mm width. 

Challenge also is launching a new 320-tpi handmade version of its Grifo and Limus tires in 33mm. The tires feature a red “team edition” cotton casing and retail for $99. 

And Challenge is releasing a new ‘cross tread prototyped by then-World Champion Tom Pidcock last season. Pidcock’s tires were nicknamed “New Baby Limus” but the official model name for the multi-condition tread is the “Flandrien.”

Challenge continues to sell through distributors and is adding a dealer direct program this year, with sales reps lined up in several territories. More information:

The Flandrien 33mm

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