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Bafang's newest hub showcases Gear Variable Transmission technology

Published May 8, 2024

(BRAIN) — Bafang announced the development of its Gear Variable Transmission (GVT) technology platform and the G500A internal five-speed automatic shift hub that utilizes it for fat-tire e-bikes.

According to Bafang, GVT "elevates" e-bike shifting with "precise" automatic shifting mechanisms and "advanced transmission control." GVT products are belt-drive friendly and offer ease of integration.

Bafang also says GVT reduces common maintenance issues and durability concerns found in existing shift systems and represents another step toward extending the overall lifespan of e-bikes.

The G500A can withstand torque ratings of up to 200Nm and is available with 175mm and 190mm dropout options. Bafang said each of the G500A's gears undergoes at least 10,000 impact tests.

G500A simulated load test.

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