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Delta Cycle offers new ’Outdoor Personal Safety Beacon,’ the Bkin

Published March 30, 2018

RANDOLPH, Mass. (BRAIN) — Delta Cycle's new Bkin is a compact LED light with a flash pattern inspired by aircraft safety beacons. It is intended for use by cyclists, runners and walkers.


"Planes and helicopters use pulsing lights to ensure that they are highly visible to other aircraft — day and night," said Delta Cycle's CEO, Errol Drew. "Automotive manufacturers have taken a page from this book in the creation of commonly used daytime running lights. As a general aviation pilot myself, I marveled at the fact that no one had taken this level of safety to consumer activities. The reality is that, while it's gotten increasingly safer for car passengers in the event of a crash, smartphones and texting have changed the game for unwitting pedestrians. The Bkin is our answer to this. Inspired by the flashing white navigation lights on aircraft that can be seen for miles even in full daylight, the Bkin's innovative design delivers the most power and functionality available in a device of its size — small enough to fit in a pocket."

The Bkin has a proprietary lens developed by optical engineering experts to optimize the light output for visibility at any angle, up to 120 degrees. Delta said this ensures a reach of 1,000 feet in daylight and 3,000 feet at night with a wide viewing angle. It can be used in pulse mode or constant mode to illuminate a dark path. The device has a clip to attach to clothes, backpacks or a pet's collar. It can also be used with an included mount to secure to bikes, scooters or strollers.

The Bkin runs for 12+ hours on a single charge in safety pulsing mode at full power. It plugs directly into a USB port for charging without the need for cables. The Bkin has an MSRP of $14.99 and comes in three different color combinations. It can be purchased at

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