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BLC Web Site Adds RSS Feeds

Published December 4, 2007

SAN DIEGO, CA (BRAIN)—The Bicycle Leadership Conference has added an RSS feed to its Web site, allowing users to keep track of updates on an up-to-the-second basis.

"As we move closer to the conference date in mid-January, updates to the site are posting on an almost-daily basis," said the BLC's Rick Vosper, whose RVMS company manages the BLC Web site and other marketing efforts. "Adding the RSS feed was the most effective way to let attendees see updates
at a glance, and as they are posted."

Users just drag the site's linked feed source into their RSS reader to activate the service, Vosper said. The reader will then check BLC site at pre-programmed intervals for updates. For the truly fanatical, there's even a client in the works that automatically delivers updates in real-time directly to the user's desktop.

"Our attendees like to be up to date," Vosper said. "That's one reason they're called leaders."

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