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BikeMine Sustains Minor Ice Storm Damage

Published December 19, 2007

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (BRAIN)—During the recent ice storm in Oklahoma, BikeMine’s roof partially collapsed, resulting in some damage to its warehouse, call center and offices.

“The roof separated at one of the seams,” said Ryan DeLong, marketing manager for BikeMine. “We had some leaks, but nothing real major. Since the call centers and offices sit inside warehouse, we switched around some offices.”

The ice storm that began Dec. 9 left half a million homes and businesses in the Midwest without power. BikeMine experienced some phone and Internet outages, but for the most part business was uninterrupted.

“We were closed for one day, last Monday, mostly because of icy roads. I don’t believe BikeMine ever lost power. The web site, emails and phone lines were down part of that Thursday, but business did go on as usual for the most part,” DeLong said. “Everything’s back up, we’re 100 percent now.”

DeLong said local mountain bike trails have been closed due to downed trees. He plans to work this weekend with Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship to help clear the trails.

“There are so many trees down, it looks like a bomb went off,” he said. “Those trails would be very rideable unless we get snow; they’re typically open year round. We’ll hit it both days this weekend and hopefully have them cleared off by New Year’s.”

—Megan Tompkins

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