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Jagwire Hires International Sales Director

Published January 9, 2008

BLOOMINGTON, MN (BRAIN)—Ketty Kuan has been promoted from manager of Jagwire after-market sales to international director of after-market and original equipment manufacturer sales.

Kuan, who has been with Jagwire for two years, has worked in the bike industry for a decade and brings a wealth of managerial and cultural experience to the position.

The move is part of chief executive officer Jerry Huang’s push to enhance communications and customer service for its customers in Europe and North America.

“Ketty is uniquely qualified to work with our European and North American accounts,” Huang said. “She’s fluent in English, steeped in Western culture, very business savvy and understands the importance of brand building. She earned this position through her tenacity, spirit and dedication to Jagwire.”

In a related move, marketing director Jason Grantz will now also manage Jagwire’s after-market products. Working closely with Kuan, he will focus the strategic direction of the product range and its compatibility with related products from other manufacturers.

“Our goal is to enhance communications and customer service,” Grantz said.

To that end, he will serve on the front line for consumers, dealers and vendors, proposing necessary changes in the product line based directly on customer feedback. He will also initiate an extensive product-testing program in cooperation with QBP, Jagwire’s Minnesota-based partner and distributor.

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