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Breakfast Sheds Light on Interbike Cities

Published January 24, 2008

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA (BRAIN)—As a part of the 11th annual Bicycle Leadership Conference (BLC), Interbike hosted a very important breakfast.

During the presentation, Interbike industry consultant Lance Camisasca reviewed Interbike's host city requirements (click on link for PowerPoint presentation), gave an update to the Sands Convention Center situation and shared new options for future event locations.

"This year's BLC was an ideal place to continue our discussions about potential host cities for the Interbike show," Camisasca said. "The audience included some of the bike industry's best leaders and for them to show up ready to go as they did at 7:30 a.m. was impressive."

During Interbike's breakfast presentation, Camisasca reviewed with BLC attendees key market criteria it considers when selecting a show venue. Interbike's top venue requirements include:

* Contiguous exhibit space of at least 700,000 gross square-feet and ample meeting room space,

* An event location where retailer and manufacturer attendance can be maximized,

* A large and diverse selection of hotels, restaurants and entertainment options conveniently located to the events,

* An international airport located within close proximity to the event with many flight options, numerous carriers and low airfare rates,

* Relaxed labor union regulations and high quality services,

* An OutDoor Demo site with great weather, extensive cross country/downhill trails and a closed road loop, and

* An event market that is recognized as a cycling culture destination.

Camisasca explained during the breakfast presentation that Interbike's long-term contract with the Sands Convention Center runs through the 2009 show, and Interbike is considering whether to renew the contract or move the show to another location.

Denver and Anaheim are two cities that come closest to meeting all the requirements to host Interbike. Both cities have the contiguous space needed, would provide a diverse selection of restaurants, hotels and entertainment options, are located in areas that would maximize attendance and are recognized as cycling culture destinations.

Comments during the question and answer portion of the presentation showed support for a move, but no clear consensus on either city.

"Denver is a much more bicycle-friendly city than Las Vegas, Salt Lake City or Anaheim, and the Outdoor Demo options near Denver are excellent," said Tim Blumenthal, executive director of the Bikes Belong Coalition. "From a Denver standpoint, however, I'm concerned about the hotels and transportation as Denver has not handled a show of Interbike's size before. So at this point I would say yes to Anaheim for the next three or four years, with a plan to move to Denver after that."

"I have to admit a personal bias that the Anaheim shows of previous years were not all that great," said Tim Jackson, brand manager for Masi Bikes. "But given the needs of the show and the industry, Anaheim is looking a lot better. With a newly remodeled and really gorgeous convention center and an eagerness from the city to lure the industry back, Anaheim is rapidly becoming a contender for me. When you add in the already existing infrastructure-they're harder to beat all the time."

According to Camisasca, Interbike has not made a decision about moving the show, but a decision will need to be made by mid-2008. As part of its ongoing research, Interbike will continue to reach out to retailers, industry advocacy groups and other industry members before making a decision about a the future venue for the Interbike show.

"I was quite happy with the attendees' understanding of the situation," Camisasca said. "The feedback I received regarding the potential host cities and the very engaging question and answer period following the presentation exceeded my expectations. We have now completed the first of several rounds of research in order to make the best decision possible."

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