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Calfee Design Goes Organic

Published February 21, 2008

LA SELVA BEACH, CA (BRAIN)—Organic Athlete has formed a new partnership with Calfee Design that will see the first vegan cycling team racing on Calfee bamboo bikes.

In a unique partnership, Organic Athlete is teaming up with Calfee to not only ride the bikes, but to co-promote and develop the brand. The result is a team whose message of personal health and social change now manifests itself in the form of a green, renewable bicycle.

"I've been riding a bamboo bike for over a year now. I can honestly say it's the best riding bike I've ever had," said Bradley Saul, founder of Organic Athlete and a Category one cyclist. “I’m pleased to have the team on the bikes.”

Organic Athlete, a nonprofit membership organization, started its elite cycling team in 2007 with a focus on vegan athletes; athletes that eat whole, plant foods and avoid animal products. The team shows through competition that it is not only possible to live on a plant-based diet, but to thrive, even to succeed at the highest level. Five athletes will be riding the bamboo bikes this year.

Craig Calfee designs his bamboo bike to give an elite bicycle racer everything needed to succeed. With finely mitered bamboo tubing, Calfee binds the frame together with a special hemp-finer wrap. And the natural strength an resilience of Bamboo gives the frame the lively feel and endless durability heretofore only attributed to carbon fiber.

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