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Former Maverick Manager Starts Dirtlab

Published August 1, 2008

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN)—From within the walls that brought the world the Speedball seatpost, DUC 32 fork and legendary Maverick frames comes the nation's newest suspension service center.

Mike "Luby" Lubesmeier, former Maverick sales manager and technical guru, charted his own course when Maverick sold to Spot Brand and is trying to fill a void in the U.S. service world.

His new company called Dirtlab services all makes of suspension forks and rear shocks both for consumers as well as for shops that are either overloaded in the service bays or simply don’t have the skills for certain overhauls.

“Dirtlab was a natural evolution for me having worked with dealers all over the world on Maverick service issues and seeing the struggles they had trying to get other brands serviced," Lubesmeier said. “The reception from shops and consumers has been fantastic, shops warn people that they need to have their suspension serviced annually and I think they have not always known how to go about that, as a result we are now opening up our suspension service business to both shops and consumers nationwide."

By having different price points for shops and consumers, Dirtlab will allow shops to still make a margin on the work for their customers, which will help grow the business.

Currently Dirtlab is able to rehab any make or model of fork or rear shock and is averaging three to seven day turnaround times depending on the complexity of the repair and the availability of parts.

For more information, call Lubesmeier at 303-324-2172 or

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