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Industry 'Character' Passes Away

Published December 9, 2008

SCITUATE, MA (BRAIN)—Anyone that's been to numerous tradeshows and racing events probably knows Steve Long and his entrepreneurial spirit.

Long (pictured) passed away on December 4 from brain cancer.

Long was at most major cycling events selling racing jerseys and socks that he would buy up from the very same events he would attend.

"In a business that is occasionally full of posers and egos, Steve Long was the real deal—a truly great man," said Glen Goldstein, president of Bicycle Shows U.S. Goldstein used to run the New York City Bicycle Show. "He was a true character.

"He knew how to drive a hard bargain, and he drove me nuts in the process, but in the end he was always supportive, always friendly, and always one of the people I was truly glad to see whenever I ran into him. He is loved by me and will be missed," Goldstein added.

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