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SmartEtailing, Invodo Doing Videos

Published February 12, 2009

VENTURA, CA (BRAIN)—SmartEtailing has partnered with product-video distributors Invodo to help bring professional product and brand videos to consumers through the retail Web sites of SmartEtailing's 900-plus clients.

To this end, Invodo will be coordinating its future video production plans around the products and brands that are aligned with SmartEtailing's clients. And SmartEtailing will ensure that the Invodo videos are included throughout their catalogs and libraries for their clients' use.

SmartEtailing content director Jim Langley said, "Knowing how important quality video is for selling products, we appreciate that Invodo's unique model means video content will be available for a wider variety of brands and products than if we were to depend solely on companies to provide their own, though they may also do this. Plus, we're very impressed with how quickly Invodo has been able to provide videos covering most of the bicycle industry's top products."

And, Invodo chief executive officer Trey Swain said, "We're impressed that SmartEtailing and its clients provide such an extensive online reach and such robust online functionality. We work in many retail verticals and were amazed to learn about such a sophisticated web network being available in the bicycle market and realized it was a perfect partner for us."

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