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Handmade Builders Launch New Web Site

Published March 3, 2009

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (BRAIN)—Eight professional framebuilders from three countries have spent the last 24 months working together to create an international organization which they hope can strengthen the trade, pay homage to its past, and work towards ensuring that its future is bright and profitable.

The Framebuilders' Collective is a now a reality (click on link). The group includes Curt Goodrich, Sacha White, Nick Crumpton, Dave Kirk, Carl Strong, Dario Pegoretti, Darrell McCulloch and Richard Sachs.

All founding members are enthusiastic about the Collective's potential and are now looking forward to finally being a public entity after two years of planning. Efforts are underway to expand the names involved so that the The Framebuilders' Collective will be a true representation of the talent and the commitment that is part and parcel of the professional framebuilding trade.

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