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King Liu Completes Tour of China by Bike

Published June 1, 2009

SHANGHAI, China (BRAIN)—Giant chairman King Liu overcame stomach ailments and long days in the saddle during the final stretch of his three-week cycling tour from Beijing to Shanghai, reaching his final destination after 20 days on the road. Thousands of cyclists and Giant employees gathered at a stadium in Shanghai to welcome Liu and his group of about 30 supporters at the end of their 1,668-kilometer ride.

Liu’s final week on the road began with an 85-kilometer ride from Suquian City to Huaian City in the Jiangsu Province. Liu and his group were joined that day—the 15th day of their journey—by King’s daughter Phoebe Liu, the sales director of Giant China Manufacturing. Liu spoke to the media, saying that even at the age of 75, it was good to have the encouragement and support of his family. The group rode past Chinese wineries and was cheered on by a group of more than 800 who had gathered in Siyang County.

The following day the group departed Huaian and rode along the Grand Canal. More than 700 years old, the Grand Canal stretches 1,764 kilometers from Beijing to Hangzhou. Temperatures were hot, but the riders were shielded from the sun by tall poplar trees lining the canal. King was joined on Day 16 by his oldest daughter, Vicky, who is the chief executive officer of a Taiwan-based organization called Bicycle and New Life Foundation.

With just four days to go, King woke up with stomach problems. Doctors suggested he take a day off but King insisted he ride because so many people were supporting him. He completed a shortened route on Day 17, which was also designated Family Day, and was greeted by his wife at day’s end.

The next day the group crossed the Yangtze River by bus and rode into Wuxi City. King told the media he was excited to be nearing the completion of his goal. Riders faced heavy headwinds on Day 19, but the average speed remained high as the group rode to Kunshan City with just one more day to go.

The final day of King’s ride was May 28. With the Dragon Boat Festival being celebrated throughout China, it was a festive day for the finish. The governor of Kungshan city rode with the group all the way to the finish in Shanghai. After finishing at Shanghai Stadium, King and other members of the group said they could hardly believe 20 days had already passed.

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