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Pedro's Offsets Twin Cities Dealer Tour

Published June 1, 2009

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (BRAIN)—Bicycle Retailer and Industry News will demonstrate the environmental benefits of cycling by traveling by bike to visit retailers in Minneapolis-St. Paul over the next three days.

Despite its minimal environmental impact, this week's Twin Cities Dealer Tour will require air travel and vehicle support. Pedro’s will erase the carbon footprint left by the event by donating compact fluorescent light bulbs.

As the tour concludes, the air travel and local car trips will be measured and tallied for their carbon impact. With that number in hand, Pedro’s will donate case loads of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) to food pantries in the Twin Cities.

“Let’s face it, while many people recognize the need to mitigate the environmentally damaging effects of travel, many people including me are skeptical of net results and benefits of the many offset programs offered around the country. When a CFL is screwed in, it immediately demands 70 percent less of the grid than its incandescent cousin. When put in the hands of families who can use a break on their utility bill right now, it’s twice the right thing to do,” said Christopher Zigmont, Pedro’s chief executive officer.

Pedro’s, along with Giant Bicycles, Ergon and Michelin, are participating in BRAIN’s Dealer Tour in and around Minneapolis.

In addition to traveling to retailers by bike, participants will walk and use public transit whenever possible. BRAIN staff today experienced the city’s easily accessible and inexpensive light rail system, traveling from the airport to their hotel in downtown Minneapolis that will serve as operation central for the event.

Check back here tomorrow for coverage of day one of the Twin Cities Dealer Tour.

Photo: BRAIN editor Megan Tompkins and account rep Robert Roman wait at the Minneapolis airport for the light rail to arrive. The train takes riders to downtown in about 20 minutes and costs $2.50 one-way.

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