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Adventure Cycling Looking for Bike Heroes

Published July 1, 2009

MISSOULA, MT (BRAIN)—Adventure Cycling is soliciting nominations for the fifth annual bicycle travel awards.

Celebrating the heroes of bicycle travel in America, these awards include the June Curry Trail Angel Award, the Pacesetter Bicycle Travel Award, the Sam Braxton Bike Shop Award, and the Adventure Cycling Volunteer of the Year Award.

"Adventure Cycling's national awards program recognizes the above and beyond contributions made by individuals and organizations in America to improve conditions for bicycle travelers," said membership and marketing coordinator Amy Corbin.

The June Curry Trail Angel Award, named in honor of June Curry, the famous 'Cookie Lady,' of the TransAmerica Trail, honors a generous individual or group encountered during a bicycle tour that made the journey of a traveling cyclist easier, or even possible.

The Pacesetter Bicycle Travel Award, named in honor of Charlie Pace of Columbus, Ohio, who has spent more than 40 years creating and supporting bicycle travel opportunities, recognizes and applauds the efforts of individuals or organizations that have done great things to support and promote bicycle travel in the U.S.

The Braxton Bike Shop Award (named for the Braxton Bike Shop in Missoula, Montana), honors a bike shop that is committed to getting more people excited about bike travel and goes to incredible lengths to achieve just that.

The Adventure Cycling Volunteer of the Year Award is our way of saying thank you each year to a volunteer who has helped Adventure Cycling further its goal of inspiring people of all ages to travel by bicycle. These volunteers have donated thousands of hours, enabling us to reach more people with the message of bicycle travel.

Nominations for Adventure Cycling's 2009 bicycle travel awards will be accepted from through September 30. For further details visit or contact Amy Corbin at (800) 755-2453 ext. 215, or e-mail

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