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Red Kite Prayer Blog Launches

Published July 8, 2009

REDONDO BEACH, CA (BRAIN)—Belgium Knee Warmers’ Padraig has announced the launch of a new blog called Red Kite Prayer (click on link).

The new Web site will offer a similar style of content as introduced with Belgium Knee Warmers, focusing on European professional racing, equipment, the psychology of the racing and riding and the people who make the sport great.

With this announcement, veteran cycling author Patrick Brady reveals that he is the voice of Padraig. Brady has been writing about cycling for nearly 20 years. He was a staff editor for Bicycle Guide, the publisher of Asphalt magazine and is currently a contributing editor to Road Bike Action. He is the author of Bicycling Los Angeles County with Menasha Ridge Press and has another book with them forthcoming. His freelance work has appeared in Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, VeloNews and among others.

“When Radio Freddy asked me to contribute to BKW, I thought it would be a fun challenge to see if two unknown names at an unknown entity could attract an audience simply through quality work. I’ve been gratified to see our readership climb to roughly 60,000 unique visitors per month and nearly 1.2 million total visitors since its start less than three years ago,” Brady said.

“A few readers guessed at my identity previously and while I had nothing to hide, I really had no reason to come forward except to those people in the industry we have profiled on the blog. Revealing my identity now makes sense; it will help Red Kite Prayer gain recognition.”

The blog’s tag line is “Insight • Analysis • Inspiration.” Readers have a number of sources for the latest cycling news. Red Kite Prayer will serve the reader by connecting the dots and making sense of a complicated sport. The biggest changes readers will see will be in site design and the appearance of some advertising.

Belgium Knee Warmers’ Radio Freddy suggested launching the new blog.

“There are many exciting topics for BKW to explore, but regretfully I haven’t had the hours in the day to give it the attention it requires. While I pursue other projects, Padraig will continue writing from the unique perspective that he brought to BKW, a stance that helped shaped its content and readership. Red Kit Prayer will undoubtedly find success,” said Radio Freddy.

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