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The Bike Cooperative Launches Promotion

Published August 7, 2009

MANCHESTER, NH (BRAIN)—Based on dealer feedback that many are still concerned about their inventory levels, The Bike Cooperative (TBC) has launched an aggressive promotion that will provide members with an opportunity to reduce inventory, increase their average sale, and send emails to their customers, all at no cost.

From August 1 through September 15, 2009, TBC members are offering their customers one year, no interest financing, at 0 percent cost to the dealer. The typical rate for 12 month financing can be anywhere from 5 to 7 percent. In addition, during the length of the promotion, TBC is covering the cost of all emails its members send out to their customers through its custom email program. TBC thinks the aggressive promotional tools will help members save money, move product, and end their season on a high note.

“For many retailers, the months of August and September can be a critical point in the year, both for sales and for inventory reduction”, said Greg Brodsky, managing director of TBC. “It’s really the last chance for some stores to make up ground if their season started late, and to reduce their inventory on slow-moving products. We felt that giving our members tools like free 12 months no interest financing and free unlimited emails for 45 days would provide them with a great opportunity to end their season strongly. Our maximum rebate on this particular program will be $4,000 per member.”

TBC is positioning the promotional package as a great opportunity that the vast majority of its members can take advantage of to reach out to customers and to highlight product that really needs to move. Members are already sending out over 150,000 emails per month to customers through TBC’s email platform, and over 90 percent of TBC members are participating in its industry-leading consumer financing program.

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