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Sky Yaeger Departs Swobo

Published May 17, 2010

SANTA CRUZ, CA (BRAIN)—With the transfer of Swobo business and logistics to Santa Cruz Bicycles completed, Sky Yaeger has sold her minority shares and left Swobo. Yaeger worked with Santa Cruz management for the past three months to insure a smooth transition of the business.

“I’m super proud of the Swobo bike line. When we started we tried to rip off Swobo’s urban clothing ideas for bikes, whatever that meant. And the bikes were very successful expanding to eight bikes this year and two more to come as 2011,” Yaeger said.

With Santa Cruz Bicycles owner Rob Roskopp and Tim Parr, who recently got bought out as well, Yaeger launched Swobo Bikes in 2006 and designed a line of single-speed and internal hub bicycles. She is especially proud of the first production of the Sanchez fixie, which could well be the only production frameset ever, that was galvanized.

“Swobo is well-positioned as a leading urban product line now, for future growth with all the muscle that Santa Cruz can bring to the brand,” Yaeger said.

Yaeger expects she will end up in the industry, since as she quips, bikes are all she knows, but so far she is undecided on what to do next. Yaeger can now be reached at

Santa Cruz Bicycles originally bought the company in 2001 from Parr. Swobo’s original founder Parr stepped back into the picture in 2004 as a minority owner. Swobo was founded in 1991 by Parr.

—Matt Wiebe

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