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OIWC Announces Leadership Winners

Published September 10, 2010

LAS VEGAS, NV (BRAIN)—The Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition, (OIWC), has announced Ellen Johnson and Tara Moeller as the winners of the 2010 Bike Industry Pioneering Woman and First Ascent awards.

The Pioneering Woman award honors Ellen Johnson as a veteran within the bike industry who has furthered the vision of the OIWC by demonstrating an outstanding commitment to mentoring female colleagues. Johnson believes being a woman makes her memorable among the largely male industry and helps her in dealing with business logistics. She has established and stood by a goal to give every cyclist the best product possible wherever they shop. Johnson’s 30-year career in the bicycle industry has seen her through a timeline from the bike boom of the 70s, the introduction of products for women, the beginning of mountain bikes and the launching of the comfort and hybrid categories. Throughout her growth, Johnson continues to focus on her love for the sport and industry and making it possible for others to share that passion.

The First Ascent award recognizes and welcomes Tara Moeller as a new member to the industry. Moeller has demonstrated strong guidance skills through her experience in leading the marketing team at Specialized Bicycles. Since January 2006, she launched a mobile marketing program, developed retail promotions and carved the way for advocacy in local markets. Combine that with her background of powerhouse companies including the National Basketball Association (NBA), Coca-Cola, Nokia and Stanford Athletics and her skills for long-term success are exhibited well.

Sally Grimes, OIWC executive director, said, “OIWC is thrilled to have this opportunity to recognize these amazing women in the bike industry. They work tirelessly behind the scenes, mentoring colleagues and paving the way for other women, and it is our honor to bring their talents and dedication to the forefront by presenting them with these awards.

Moeller and Johnson will be recognized and a trophy will be bestowed September 23 at the OIWC Interbike gathering. Details for the event can be found on the OIWC Web site (click on link).

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