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Plus 3 Partners with Heffernan Insurance

Published September 27, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (BRAIN)—Two years after launching at Interbike, Plus 3 Network has opened the first bridge to large groups of everyday folks through employee health and wellness programs.

Heffernan Insurance Brokers, one of the largest independent brokerage firms in the United States, has partnered with Plus 3 Network to bring wellness and philanthropy application platforms to the insurance firm's employees and clients. The Plus 3 web and mobile portal motivates people by converting every healthy activity they complete into a charitable donation. The new partnership will support Heffernan's ongoing efforts through its Wellness@Work product to combine philanthropy with workplace wellness.

“The vertical sports industries have a proven formula for reaching the converted choir (athlete sponsorships, events, adverts, etc). Plus 3 Sponsors and nonprofits can now have their cake and eat it too as we bridge the gap and open a new market—employee wellness,” said Rick Sutton, co-founder and CEO of Plus3 Network. “Plus 3 is, in a way, a virtual sports and activity league, a place where companies individuals, communities and companies can support one another, compete, and build their fitness-fundraising legacy. Which in turn, is guaranteed to grow the base and middle of the enthusiast pyramid.”

The Heffernan Foundation has committed a $25,000 contribution to be earned by Heffernan employees and clients on the Plus 3 Network for the nonprofit Collective Impact. In addition to introducing the online network to its own employees, Heffernan will include it as a benefit for each of its Wellness@Work clients. Beyond fitness motivation, Plus 3 Network serves as a daily portal delivering important company information and lifestyle-improvement programs.

"I feel Plus 3 Network is the best online user interface and employee wellness environment I've seen," said Adam Cox, Heffernan's director of wellness. "Our partnership is based on the common goals of positive reinforcement of a healthy lifestyle and creating opportunities for social responsibility. The Plus 3 program takes some of the burden off an employee's social network, allowing the individual to earn money through fitness activities without having to ask for sponsors. Heffernan will be baking Plus 3 into every wellness package we provide our clients."

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