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DealerCamp has New Subsidy Program

Published November 16, 2010

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA (BRAIN)—Lifeboat Events, promoters of DealerCamp, have announced a new program called “Pick Me for DealerCamp,” which enables bicycle retailers to request a subsidy to attend the event in 2011.

DealerCamp takes place July 26-28, 2011, at Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah, according to a press release. Lifeboat Events plans to subsidize 125 retail businesses to attend the event in 2011, a 25 percent increase over 2010.

"DealerCamp's retail subsidy program is the cornerstone of the event. Lifeboat Events has budgeted a considerable amount of money to minimize the cost of retailer attendance and Shimano will collaborate with Lifeboat to assure that a strong target group of retail buyers will attend this event,” said Shimano American's Penina Bush.

The “Pick Me for DealerCamp” campaign is launching through print and web advertising, social media and a new Web site——where retailers can submit a request for a DealerCamp subsidy. Lifeboat Events will share retailer requests with their top suppliers, selecting the final list of subsidized retailers from shops that exhibitors nominate.

“It’s pretty powerful when suppliers hear directly from their retailers about their desire to come to DealerCamp,” said Lance Camisasca, president of Lifeboat Events. “In the end, suppliers get to nominate retailers for subsidies,
and we want to be sure the strongest voices among their retailers are heard.”

DealerCamp remains the first and only open trade event to subsidize the cost of buyer attendance. This investment in the retailer is an unprecedented 12 percent of DealerCamp's gross revenues.

"We know the bicycle dealer is the backbone of the industry, that is why we are making such a large commitment. While other event groups provide funding to retailer organizations, we prefer to skip this step and go right to benefiting the retailer," said Camisasca.

Suppliers who commit to DealerCamp by February 15 can submit a retailer wish list. From these, Lifeboat Events will compile a master list and identify 125 businesses to invite to DealerCamp as part of the Retailer Subsidy
Program. Lifeboat Events will continue extending invitations until 125 retail businesses have accepted. Subsidy amounts vary depending on geographic location, with more distant retailers receiving larger subsidies.

Additional qualified retailers are encouraged and welcome to attend DealerCamp at their own expense.

For more information about the Retailer Subsidy Program, visit Retailers can request a subsidy at (click on link).

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