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QBP Recognizes Top Commuters of 2010

Published February 4, 2011

BLOOMINGTON, MN (BRAIN)—Quality Bicycle Products recently honored the top commuters among its Q-central warehouse staff of 480 for seeking means of getting to work beyond the single occupancy vehicle commute.

Among the winners were Jeff Hall, who logged a whopping 9,614 miles and took the award for most bike miles/male. Alix Magner took that award in the female category, racking up 2,745 miles on her bike. The rookie commuter recognition went to Jeff Hainlen who rode 1,819 miles, far surpassing his goal of 500 miles. Top male and female riders were Tanner Moffit and Teri Ruder, who logged 2,453 and 1,574 bike credits, respectively.

QBP staffers are a hearty bunch when it comes to bike commuting: 338 or 70.5 percent biked to work at least once last year, according to tallies. 93 or 19 percent biked 1,000 miles or more. QBP’s ACE (advocacy, community, environment) internal advocacy coordinator Alice Erickson said employees commuted well over 250,000 miles by bike last year.

She said a total of 377 employees commuted on 35,958 trips for 439,980 miles and earned 160,027 credits in 2010. QBP offers credits—which can be cashed in for bikes, parts, accessories and apparel—for biking, walking, rollerblading, skiing, running, motorcycling, carpooling and taking the bus to QBP headquarters.

“In 2009 we gave out awards for Top Cyclist as determined by credits earned and logged into and for Most Inspiring Commuter determined by nominations from and voting by the race/ride group here at QBP. This year I wanted to expand the number of awards and also to recognize all of the kinds of commuters who contribute to our culture,” said Erickson. “Many of the awards were therefore based on credits logged; the rest of the awards were nominated by the employees and voted on by our ACE Committee.”

Here’s a rundown of the 2010 honorees based on credits or miles logged on

Top Male Rider: Tanner Moffit, 2,453 bike credits

Top Female Rider: Teri Ruder, 1,574 bike credits

Most Bike Miles/Male: Jeff Hall, 9,614 miles

Most Bike Miles/Female: Alix Magner, 2,745 miles

Rookie Commuter and Commit to Commute/Male: Jeff Hainlen, 1,756 credits and 1,819 miles

Commit to Commute/Female: Katie Abrams, 2,270 miles

Top Bus Commuter: Pat Christensen, 516 credits and 4,035 miles by bus (2,528 miles by bike as well)

Top Motorcycle Commuter: Eric Chin, 160 credits and 2,728 miles

Top Walking/Tiptoeing Commuter: Chuck Ashley, 513 credits and 177 miles

Top Carpool Commuter: Sandra Ramos, 968 credits and 14,880 miles

Awards based on employee nominations:

Best Mentor: Jim McCarvill

Most Inspiring Male Rider: Jeff Hall

Most Inspiring Female Rider: Lori Richman

Just Call Me Crash: Larry Kaatz

Best Dressed: Matt Moore

Most Credits Donated to World Bike Relief: Todd Cravens

All honorees received award certificates. Some walked away with gift certificates to local, sustainable restaurants, coffeehouses and other businesses while others received swag.

Photo: QBP offers ample indoor bike parking. (Courtesy QBP)

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