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Mavic Updates Protection Plan Registration

Published February 15, 2011

HAVERHILL, MA (BRAIN)—After many years of success with the MP3 Product Protection Plan, Mavic has improved the manner in which customers in the U.S. enroll their newly purchased wheels in the program.

“This updated method of MP3 registration has been used in Europe for over two years,” said Mark Leydecker, managing director of Mavic USA. “It has eliminated many common errors and streamlined the process for both retailers and consumers.”

Mavic’s MP3 program allows cyclists to purchase and ride their new Mavic wheels without any stress or anxiety about crashing and damaging the wheels in an accident not covered under warranty, according to a press release. For approximately 8 percent of the cost of the wheel, MP3 will cover a crashed wheel and repair or replace the product for two years. The MP3 program allows customers to ride and enjoy Mavic wheels worry-free, and it offers Mavic dealers a useful selling tool, adding value to a wheel transaction.

Historically, consumers purchased the MP3 program “over the counter,” paying the retailer for the program at the same time they bought new wheels. The consumer then had to register online and Mavic invoiced the retailer.

Now, retailers simply recommend the program and provide these customers with a completed registration form. Then the customer completes the MP3 registration and pays for the program online at with a credit card within five days of the wheel purchase. After the customer completes registration, the retailer’s account is credited with a sales commission equal to 40 percent of the MP3 plan purchase price.

“We expect that these improvements to the MP3 program will make it more convenient for our dealers to use and ultimately will lead to more sales,” said Leydecker.

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