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Earth, Wind and Rider Launches '10 Program

Published March 11, 2011

BOSTON, MA (BRAIN)—Earth, Wind and Rider (EWnR) has launched its Fall 2011 custom program. Earth, Wind and Rider has been providing shops and brands, quality Merino Wool Jerseys since 2005 and customizing them through three different program levels, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

The Gold program, otherwise known as the Black Sheep of EWnR’s offering, allow customers to not only customize the embroidery on their jerseys but also spec yarn colors, knit in patterns and construction details, according to a press release. With minimums as low as 100 pieces, it’s a great option for the right customer but can still be a high number for many shops and smaller brands. “This is the reason why our Silver program is such a great offering,” said Bill Sebell, founder of Earth, Wind and Rider and known to his customers as The Wool Guy. “Our silver program takes 18 different styles and offers them to our customers at quantities as low as 35 pieces.”

Known for their vintage design, high quality Chain Stitch embroidery and extensive color pallet, EWnR wanted to make these options available to as many customers as possible, and so the Silver program was born. Not only has this program been a huge success for EWnR, it continues to be their most popular offering to date. “We created styles that meet most of our customers color demands meshed with a program where they can customize their jerseys with our industry standard, wool Chain Stitch embroidery," he said. "It not only makes each jersey unique, it results in a jersey that cyclists are wearing to work, school or out on the town. What it does for our customers is make the branding opportunities of our jerseys, priceless.”

Now, with the program officially launched and open as of March 1, customers can visit Earth, Wind and Rider’s custom website (click on above link), choose a jersey, fill out their online request form and have a rendering to review in a matter of days. It not only makes the ordering process easy, it also helps shops and brands pre-sell jerseys to their customers, before they even make the purchase with EWnR.

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