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IMBA Appoints Conroy, Zimberoff to Board

Published March 23, 2011

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN)—IMBA's board of directors has approved two new members: Colorado's Chris Conroy and Illinois' David Zimberoff.

"I'm excited that David and Chris have joined the IMBA board," said chairman Robert Winston. "They each bring years of advocacy and industry experience, and their skills will directly benefit our organization. They are wonderful additions to the dedicated volunteer leaders that comprise the IMBA board of directors."

Conroy is the president and general manager of Yeti Cycles, located in Golden, Colorado. He has been active in local advocacy for the last 10 years, having served in the past as president of the Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA) and has been an active voice for mountain bikers' rights with local government and land managers. Yeti Cycles has been a long-time corporate member of IMBA and has provided support to key mountain bike initiatives including the Golden Bike Park. "I am honored to be on the IMBA board and look forward to working with the directors and staff," Conroy said.

David Zimberoff is the global marketing director for SRAM, one of IMBA's top-level sponsors, working at the company's headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. He recently served as a board member of Chicago's largest cycling advocacy group CBF, The Chicagoland Bicycle Federation. Having worked for SRAM for over 16 years, he'll be a great asset to IMBA. "I'm eager to add my creative juices to the future growth of the organization," Zimberoff said.

The appointments bring the number of IMBA's board of directors to nine. "I am grateful to David and Chris, and all IMBA board members, for their volunteer service in guiding IMBA and setting its strategic goals," said Mike Van Abel, IMBA's president and U.S. executive director. "IMBA is fortunate and purposeful in its board make-up, with a good mix of captains of industry who are also enthusiasts and advocates."

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