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Park Tool Introduces New Service

Published March 24, 2011

ST. PAUL, MN (BRAIN)—Park Tool is now offering a sharpening service for cutting tools such as headtube reamers and facers.

The cutting tool bit is the expensive part of the cutting tool system, and having the cutters re-sharpened will keep the tool in good working order and reduce the overall cost of machining, according to a press release. Dull cutters will produce poor results and waste your time. Cutters that are regularly sharpened are faster, safer, easier to use and produce better results.

“Park Tool has recently invested in the resources that allow us to provide this valuable service to our customers,” said Eric Hawkins, Park Tool’s president. “Now we will be able to get cutting tool bits back to the shops in a quicker and more cost effective manner.”

The sharpening service will sharpen Park Tool brand cutters back to factory specifications. U.S. dealers and industry users deal directly with Park Tool and may return the tool to Park Tool along with a sharpening order form. Tools are turn around weekly, and returned via UPS. As a unique additional service, Park Tool will “optimize” the angle and rake of the cutting surface. This will produce optimal results for specific metals such as aluminum, titanium or steel.

Click on above link for pricing and instructions.

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