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Paper Company Becomes CrossVegas Sponsor

Published March 31, 2011

LONGMONT, CO (BRAIN)—In a surprise move that promises to boost the already popular CrossVegas to a higher level, organizer Brook Watts announced a title sponsor for the annual cyclocross race.

Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, a division of Sabre Corp., will sponsor CrossVegas—the largest cross race outside of Europe held each September in Las Vegas. “I’m fortunate to have found a great partner in Michael Scott and his team, they really understand the sport and how it can help drive both paper sales and the entire suite of printer products offered by Sabre,” Watts said.

Michael Scott, the enigmatic head of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton office was emphatic that the choice to sponsor a cyclocross event was based on a business decision. “We have looked at cyclocross for several seasons to determine how to get involved. The 'cross scene here in Scranton has really grown and since we like to do things big at Dunder Mifflin I decided to sponsor the biggest race in the U.S. I’m certain we can associate cyclocross and paper products in every consumer’s mind with this move.”

Known as the world’s best boss Scott describes CrossVegas as a perfect corporate team building tool. “I’ve never tried cyclocross myself but Oscar has a bike. We’ll put a Dunder Mifflin team together and I hope to win the paper industry division of the Wheelers & Dealers race.”

(By the way, Watts wants to wish the industry a very merry April Fools Day).

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