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Ridley's Aerts Wins Entrepreneur Award

Published May 12, 2011

PAAL-BERINGEN, Belgium (BRAIN)—The accolades keep coming in for Ridley's CEO and founder Jochim Aerts this year.

The network of young and enterprising people, JCI Flanders, just voted Aerts the young entrepreneur of the year. Earlier this year, he won the Limburg entrepreneur of the year and he now repeated his win on the Flanders level.

The prestigious trophy was awarded during the closing gala at Technopolis in Mechelen. In the final round Ridley Bikes defeated Massive Media, a media group including Netlog.

The innovation, research and development at Ridley Bikes was particularly appreciated by the JCI jury. The international breakthrough of Ridley Bikes over the last years was also a decisive factor for this award winning victory. For Ridley Bikes, manufacturer of high-and aerodynamic racing bikes, the award is a confirmation for the hard work of the past 20 years.

Aerts started Ridley as a bike frame painting company from his father's workshop when he was just out of high school.

He was excited and proud with the recognition.

"This trophy is obviously a team effort of which I am particularly proud of," Aerts said.

This victory will give Jochim Aerts the opportunity to compete with young entrepreneurs worldwide in the JCI World Congress in November 2011.

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