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Interbike Women's Lounge Expands for 2011

Published June 14, 2011

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA (BRAIN)—The Interbike Women's Lounge, presented by the Outdoor Industry Women's Coalition (OIWC), will return in an expanded format to the Interbike Expo, held September 14-16, in Las Vegas.

"Recent studies suggest that women control nearly 65 percent of global consumer spending," said Rich Kelly, brand and communications director for Interbike. "With that much influence, understanding women's needs and how to appeal to them just makes good business sense for retailers. With the additional education and events planned around our women's lounge, we plan to help retailers better serve this market segment."

In addition to providing attendees with a comfortable, easily accessible networking area where they can meet and relax, the Women's Lounge and its featured events will bring attention to outstanding women's products and influential female leaders, while providing education on the purchasing power of women and how to market to them. The Women's Lounge will be located on the upper level near the leftmost concession area at the top of the new escalators.

"There's a lot that can be done to change the perception of cycling in the minds of new female customers. All that spandex can be pretty intimidating to someone who is just getting started or returning to cycling after several years," said Norm Pace of the Great Escape network of bicycle retailers in Greenville, South Carolina. "Women who see the positive effects of cycling are much more likely to convince their families to get active, purchase a bike for their kid's birthday or tell female friends at work about a fun ride they had the night before."

Pace has already recognized the value of the category with women's-specific in-store handouts, escorted test rides, a locally broadcasted TV commercial, a dedicated portion of his web site and a 45-day money back guarantee. Each of these efforts is focused on delivering the best experience he can for his female customers. At Interbike's women's lounge and events, other retailers will gain actionable knowledge and ideas to implement in their own businesses.

The 2011 Interbike Women's Lounge will include:

· Women's Product Showcase
An expanded area on the show floor that will highlight products designed specifically for women.

· "Buying Power of Women" Seminar
Experts on the buying power of women will present about how companies can tap into this important market.

· Executive Roundtable Senior-level women will convene at an invitation-only leadership presentation and discussion of topics related to the bike industry.

· OIWC Awards Presentation and Happy Hour
Hosted in the Women's Product Showcase, OIWC will present two awards recognizing outstanding female leaders in the bike industry.

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