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Midwest Trade Show Postponed Indefinitely

Published November 9, 2011

COVINGTON, KY (BRAIN)—Specialty Bike Expo, a new trade show set to take place Nov. 30 to Dec. 3 at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, has been tabled. Organizer Jim Keefe said that while a good number of retailers and suppliers signed up to exhibit or attend, it wasn’t enough to make it a worthwhile event.

Keefe declined to comment further on the number of exhibitors that had booked space, but said that all vendors have been promptly refunded.

“We want to make sure it’s spectacular when it happens. We will regroup. We are looking at different scheduling patterns and opportunities,” Keefe said. “The general consensus is that there’s an opportunity for a Midwest show and it makes sense, we just need to make sure it’s at the right time and provides the right value.”

Keefe, a 25-year media veteran and recreational cyclist, announced plans to launch the new expo in June, citing a need for a show that’s easier to access at a time of year that’s better for IBDs and puts more emphasis on education and training.

He said interest in the new show waned partly because of the improvements made to the existing Interbike trade show this year. Plus, other summer shows such as DealerCamp cut into the marketing budgets of several suppliers, Keefe said. And, many vendors already have plans to head overseas for Taichung Bike Week, Nov. 28-Dec. 2.

“The Interbike team did a really nice job this year of stabilizing the show. It was a real strong event and they should be pleased with what they did,” he added.

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