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White Lightning buys Chain Condom maker

Published February 23, 2012

BAY SHORE, NY (BRAIN) Feb 23, 12:19 MT— White Lightning has bought the company that markets the Chain Condom, a product designed to protect car interiors from bike chains. White Lightning is renaming the product the Chain Johnny.

The company was founded by Dave Bolch, a former professional team soigneur to the Saturn, US Postal and Discovery Channel cycling teams.

“Dave Bolch is a true visionary,” said White Lightning owner Hank Krause. “He has been selling chain sleeves to professional cyclists and high-end shops for the past three years. With our global infrastructure, we’re eager to bring the Chain Johnny to a worldwide audience.”

The Chain Johnny is made of a rip-resistant, two-ply rubber/nylon material with Velcro attachments. It covers the cassette and the entire chain and can be used to protect the chain from the elements when the bike is on a vehicle.

The MSRP is $19.99.

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