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Ibis hires two new sales rep agencies in Canada

Published November 12, 2013

SANTA CRUZ, CA (BRAIN)  — Ibis Cycles has hired two rep agencies to represent the brand in Canada.

Mountain Exposure  will rep Ibis in Western Canada while Les Agencies Stéphane Morin will rep the brand in the East.
"As it turns out, there's an entire country north of the United States," said Ibis founder Scot Nicol in a press release he sent Monday. "That country is called Canada, and there are a lot of bike shops up there. By our powers of deductive reasoning, we've deduced that there are also a lot of cyclists up there. We also found out that a lot of the people up there speak French. Some of them only speak French. Especially if they're in the Eastern part of the country (which is closer to France). Those who don't speak French speak Canadian, which is also hard for us English speakers from the United States to understand."
The rep agencies will establish a demo fleet of Ibis bikes in Canada. Nicol said it won't stop there: "Their representatives will visit bike shops all over the vast Canadian landscape. Documentaries about Ibis will be filmed. TV series will be shot and televised. Magazine articles will be plentiful, and glowing.  The Prime Minister will mandate that all members of Parliament enact legislation, requiring each Canadian citizen buy an Ibis bike. In keeping with the National Health Care System, all Ibis bikes will get free tune ups for life. " 
Ibis president Tom Morgan then grabbed the press release microphone from Nicol.
"We're very excited to welcome Mountain Exposure and Les Agencies Stéphane Morin as the newest members of the Ibis team. If there's one thing we south-of-the-Canadian-border American's hate, it's learning a second language" said Morgan. "Working with them will mean we can stay in our single-language bubble down here in Santa Cruz."
Morgan added: "In all seriousness, we are excited to announce that we are being represented in Canada by these two agencies who will be operating in nine Provinces and two Territories, vastly expanding our reach throughout the country."
Here is how you get in touch, depending on your location. 
Mountain Exposure  will rep Ibis in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon and Northwest Territories. Mountain Exposure founder Louis-Julien Roy can be reached at or  (866) 869-8689 xt. 707. Bike account manager Greg McDonald can be reached at or  (866) 869-8689 xt. 702
Les Agencies Stéphane Morin will rep Ibis in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Founder Stéphane Morin  can be reached at or  (514) 996-3270. Bike account manager Loic Depres can be reached at or  (514) 996-3270. 

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