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Hammer Nutrition clarifies its MAP policy

Published January 25, 2016

WHITEFISH, Mont. (BRAIN) — Hammer Nutrition is clarifying its minimum advertised price policy. The nutrition brand announced last week that it was reducing its number of U.S. distributors as part of an effort to take more control over its retail pricing.


Its policy is that all retailers must advertise at no less than its MAP "in all publicly accessible media."

On a first offense the reseller will be contacted immediately and given 48 hours to comply. On the second offense the reseller will immediately be placed on hold pending review by Hammer Nutrition. A third violation will permanently revoke the account's approval to sell Hammer Nutrition.

Hammer allows retailers to list and sell its products on third-party websites, but does not allow third-party fulfillment. Sellers must fulfill the products advertised and handle all customer service duties themselves. All web domains selling Hammer Nutrition products must be registered and approved by Hammer. To inquire about registration, contact

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