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Giant Bicycles offers Bicycle Blue Book trade-in program to its dealers

Published April 25, 2016

SAN JOSE, Calif. (BRAIN) — Giant Bicycle is working with Bicycle Blue Book, encouraging its dealers to use the company's used bike trade-in program to drive new bike sales.

Bicycle Blue Book's Authorized Trade-In Program gives consumers an estimate of their used bike's value, from the company's website. The consumers then bring bikes to a participating store to confirm the value and get a store credit for the trade-in. The store then ships the bike to Bicycle Blue Book and receives reimbursement for the store credit value, minus shipping. Bicycle Blue Book has arranged special shipping rates and will supply shipping materials and labels.

Under the agreement, Giant will be promoting the program to its dealers, said Ira Becker, Bicycle Blue Book's president. The trade-in program does not require that consumers buy a Giant. But he said the program could be expanded eventually to include Giant-specific promotions.

"This is essentially a marketing agreement with Giant. They are reaching out to their dealers directly about our program, and we'll be working with Giant's sales team on educating dealers on how it works. We really see Giant's support as validation that our program is good for bike shops," Becker said.

The program allows consumers to feel confident they are being offered a fair price estimate from a third-party, and they can avoid the hassle of selling their bikes online or otherwise. And the dealers can offer a trade-in program without having to clutter their salesfloors with used bikes.

Giant USA general manager JT Thompson said, "We're very positive on partnering with BicycleBlueBook; we feel this is another opportunity for our brand and retailers to drive more people to ride bikes. We've seen a beneficial impact for new bike sales by offering a seamless trade-in opportunity. The program has the common interests of retailers, brands, and riders aligned."

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