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Ruthie Matthes signs with Mission Sports Group

Published February 2, 2017

CORTEZ, Colo. (BRAIN) — Mission Sports Group is now working with Mountain Bike Hall of Fame member and Olympian, Ruthie Matthes. Mission, founded by former pro cyclist Michael Engleman in 2012, will work with Matthes on finding event opportunities and other projects in order to attract a broader audience to the sport of cycling. Matthes has been working in the cycling industry since 2010 as a brand liaison for Magura USA, following a seven-year break after retiring from competition in 2001.

"I am excited to be involved in branching out to a wider audience of potential cyclists, expanding past the competitive and industry realms. Creating opportunities for accessibility and exposure to the greater cycling experience," Matthes said. "There is a bike for everybody in this world. I want to get people excited about riding a bike, for example, my 70-year young friend, who had both knee and hip surgery. He's been riding mountain bikes for two years and has become a kid again on the bike, enjoying the freedom, fun, and fitness it brings. Also, promoting the importance of utilizing the bike as the amazing transportation vehicle it is."

Matthes began her cycling career in 1983 on the road, including winning three national titles in as many disciplines and earning the silver at the World Road Championships in 1990. After switching to mountain biking full-time in 1991, Matthes went on to add World Champion to her palmarès, along with a World Cup title, and a trip to the Sydney Summer Olympic Games in 2000.

"A lot of people aren't exposed to bikes. I began thinking, as an Olympian, how can my passion and dedication to cycling be translated to the public? If I can utilize that for the betterment of other peoples' lives, that means so much to me," Matthes said. "With the help of Mission Sports Group, I feel I will be able to reach the broader population, involving target projects and accomplishing more than I could on my own. I am very excited for this new chapter in my life and being a part of the Mission Sports Group team is an honor."

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