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Inspired by Oregon, Colorado lawmaker floats state bike tax idea

Published July 19, 2017

DENVER (BRAIN) — A Colorado lawmaker is taking inspiration from Oregon in floating the idea of a tax on bicycles.

State Sen. Ray Scott made a post on Facebook Wednesday, linking to a story on the Washington Times website about Oregon's tax

"We will be proposing something similar, they use the roads also," wrote Scott, a Republican from Grand Junction. Scott is the assistant majority leader in the state Senate and serves on the Senate transportation committee. 

Scott later told that he was serious about the idea and was soliciting feedback about it. 

"One way to get feedback is to put it out there and see where it goes," Ray told the paper. 

Oregon's $15 tax will apply to new bikes selling for $200 or more and with wheels 26-inch or larger. The tax is included in the state's transportation bill that is expected to be signed by Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat. 

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