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Norco Visits BRAIN's Toasty Confines

Published February 4, 2009
Even the Real Housewives of Orange County couldn't complain about the tremendous weather when Norco's Dustan Sept and sponsored trials rider Ryan Leech stopped in for a ride last Friday. The two Canadians escaped winter (at least temporarily) as part of a weeklong road trip where they visited several publications including BRAIN, looking to improve their tans and hit the trails. We took them to Aliso and Wood Canyons and rode up to Top of the World on Norco Fluids where we caught the sun in its final descent into the Pacific, with Catalina Island lit up in the distance. Ryan took some video of our talented reporter and rider Nicole Formosa and I up at the top, where we became the interviewees. The video also features their trip to Bike Mag earlier in the day. To wrap up the day (and their trip), the boys from Canada tantalized their tastebuds with Southern (Cal) comfort food and drink with some some stellar fish tacos (this joint is better than Wahoo's trust us!) and Mexican beer.

Ryan, Dustin and Nicole discuss the finer points of mountain biking.

Ryan shoots video from the trip.

Dustin soaks up the scenery.

Nicole rehydrates after grinding it out to the Top of the World.

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