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Incredibells Ring in World Record

Published May 13, 2009

Over 650 beill ringers filled a Boulder high school field last Saturday, and raised over $18,000 to help a single mother of four fighting cancer, and shattered a world record.

The enthusiastic group, conducted by a tuxedo-clad David Harris, broke the Guinness record for the most people ringing bike bells at once to a recognizable song for at least five minutes. Barry Schacht, owner of Mirrycle Corporation of Boulder, supplied the bells, which sold for $10 at the event. " This was a fun and inspiring event." Schacht said. Divided into groups by seven different bell tones, the group played loose but recognizable renditions of “You Are My Sunshine,” “Over the Rainbow” and “Do Re Mi.” and an original composition by Mr. Harris. The previous record was held by a German group comprised of 503 bell ringers. To see and hear "You Are My Sunshine," click here.

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