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'Holy Grail' of BMX Bikes Up For Auction

Published December 7, 2009

Anyone have $10k lying around? If you do, and are a collector of all things BMX, check out this auction on eBay.

It's a SE Racing STR1 prototype frame, so rare that many BMX insiders didn't think any existed.

"Some say they have one, others say they know someone who has one, but there has never been any proof. Now we have proof that one is out there," said legendary BMX racer "Stompin'" Stu Thompson—the man whose name the frame was named after (Stu Thompson Replica1).

Redline's "Gork" Barrette, a famous name in BMX circles as well, said it was rumored at one time that SE made less than 10 of these frames, perhaps less than five, but only SE Racing's founder, and BMX pioneer Scot Breithaupt knows for sure.

This storied frame had been gathering dust in former SE Racing pro Seth Bucceri's attic for decades. Famed BMX announcer Lenny Batycki knew it was there, but had honestly forgotten about it over the years. That was until Bucceri called and told him he was moving, and wanted to clear things out—that meant the historic SE frame as well.

"I knew it was a cool bike, but I didn't know how cool it was" until recently, Batycki said. "There was this wave of excitement."


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