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When All Else Fails....Go With Plan C

Published October 15, 2010

CrossVegas in Anaheim?  Stranger things have happened, like an international cyclocross race in the desert in the first place. Nobody thought that was a smart idea in 2007 and look at it today.  Honestly the location wasn't an issue but the early August date was a game-changer.  The pro men and women crossers wouldn't be available so it would have to be a night of local racing capped off with the wildly popular Wheelers & Dealers Race, the all out battle for bragging rights among the industry cross crowd.  Maybe I could trade out Elvis for Mickey but I couldn't see swapping the show girls for Minnie.   

Plan B...Pack your wagon and move the whole dang thing to a new city...Geez, I'd hate to lose the love of

the bike industry that has fueled the success of CrossVegas from the very start but the show has to go on.  So with a Vaudeville trouper mentality I started talking to a number of cities about hosting the biggest cross race in America during its traditional time slot in mid-September.  Got to give the crowds what they want, build it and they'll follow and a dozen other trite phrases were ringing through brain but it’s not CrossVegas was the voice I kept hearing.

Plan C...Light a prayer candle and wait... Nobody walking the floor of The Sands this year felt like the move to Anaheim was a done deal so it seemed there was some wiggle room developing.  I never saw so much passion on an issue outside of politics.  So I pondered why not do what is always wise when uncertainty abounds, just sit and wait.  And in this case it turns out to be the best move again.  The powers that be did their due diligence, read the tea leaves a bit closer, listened to the industry and made the right decision in the end, at least for CrossVegas.  

So with barely a missed beat the planning proceeds for CrossVegas 2011.   The 5th edition of the race that is sure to be bigger than ever.  Set your calendars for Wednesday September 14 in Las Vegas.  Viva CrossVegas! 

Brook Watts of Longmont Colorado is the president of Watts Marketing Inc. as well as the owner and organizer of CrossVegas.

Complete information about CrossVegas is at

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