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Most-Read Web Stories of 2010

Published January 5, 2011

As the year draws to a close, it’s a perfect time to reflect and revisit the most influential news stories of the year. It’s no longer a matter of opinion as to what stories attracted the most attention from readers; thanks to web analytics we can accurately gauge the most popular articles based on page views.

Not surprisingly, stories related to Interbike venue and dates ranked high. Hot news items such as the auction of Titus to a U.K.-based Internet retailer and the integration of the Gary Fisher line into the Trek line garnered eyeballs. However, top honors went to Phil Wood, whose lasting legacy on the industry was reflected in the number of page views upon his death.

Here’s the top 20 countdown of most-read web stories on of 2010, starting with No. 1.

1. Hub-Maker Phil Wood Passes Away

2. Interbike Moves to Anaheim

3. Specialized Shows 2011 Lineup to Dealers

4. Planet X Bikes Acquires Titus in Auction

5. Trek Streamlines Fisher Collection

6. Interbike Returns to Vegas

7. Zipp’s Douglas Killed in Car Accident

8. Cervélo Unveils Project California Frame

9. Gita to Distribute Team RadioShack Kits

10. Rodale Ends Mountain Bike Magazine

11. Carbon Fiber Conundrum

12. Cupertino Bike Shop Thief Sentenced

13. Thule Unloads Yakima Products

14. Adam Craig’s Team Bike Missing

15. Ski Market Bankruptcy Stings Bike Vendors

16. Haro, Masi Launch 2011 Bikes

17. Giant USA Lays Off Five in Restructuring

18. Interbike Stays in Las Vegas

19. Trek Sues Retailer Over Unpaid Bills

20. Interbike Firms Up 2011 Dates

What was your top story of 2010?

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