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Campy Extends 11-Speed Warranties

Published February 17, 2009

VICENZA, Italy (BRAIN)—Campagnolo has extended its warranty on 11-speed groupsets from three to four years, which is two years more than that required by the consumer protection laws of the European Union.

In order for the warranty to be extended to four years, the transmission must be complete (Ergopower controls, rear derailleur, front derailleur, chain, sprocket set, and crankset) and the purchaser must register at the new Campagnolo 11-Speed Owner Web site at www.11 (click on link). It only takes a few minutes online to obtain the four-year warranty on your Super Record 11-Speed, Record 11-Speed, and Chorus 11-Speed groupsets. To activate the extension, just enter the unique code furnished by the dealer at the moment of purchase or the serial numbers of each component.

Each component of the 11-Speed groupsets has a traceability label applied. With this feature, Campagnolo takes another step forward in customer service. Product traceability means being able to intervene in a timely manner in case of need and always having the history of that component close at hand. This information is essential when you aim to provide impeccable service.

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