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UCI to extend sticker program to wheels

Published February 9, 2012

The UCI is declaring its year-old frame approval program a success and says it will expand the program into wheels next.

The international cycling union says 57 manufacturers have sent 96 frames through the approval process and gained the right to use the "UCI-approved" label on the bikes.

"Over the next weeks, cycling followers will see the label “UCI frame” on their champion’s bikes, but also on those for sale in their favorite bike shop. All models of frames and forks produced after 1st January 2011 must sport this label in order to be used in road, track and cyclo-cross events on the UCI calendar," the Swiss-based organization said in a statement Thursday.

While some industry members have complained about the burden and cost of the program, others appreciate the UCI's intention, which is to pre-approve bikes before events.

"It is a service provided by the UCI which does not generate any profit," UCI Technical Coordinator Julien Carron said. "The aim is to guarantee a better equity between the riders, informing them which models to choose to be sure that they can take the start of races.”

The UCI said it is preparing to extend the labeling program to other bike components, starting with wheels.

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