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Jagwire introduces sealed and alloy-link housing kits

Published July 23, 2013

SNOW BASIN, UT (BRAIN) — Jagwire is launching two new high-end cable and housing product lines at QBP's SaddleDrive event here this week. The new products are a result of a year-long effort to update the brand with a new logo, new packaging and product names.


One of the new cable systems is superlight and designed to work with tight housing bends, such as on aero bikes. The other is a fully sealed system reminiscent of Gore's sealed cables, which were manufactured by Jagwire and which were pulled from the market at the end of last year.

Tren Blankenship, Jagwire’s marketing manager, said Jagwire's Elite Sealed Kit is  a "similar system to Gore in that it's sealed, but there are changes to improve performance and durability." He said no licensing agreement was needed with Gore.

The Elite Sealed Kits use continuous liners inside the housing. The polymer-coated slick cables are lubricated with Jagwire's Speed-Lube, a new lubricant. 

The other new cable system is Elite Link Kit, which features a compressionless housing made of aluminum links designed to be lightweight and extremely flexible for tight cable bends. The Elite kits include Teflon-coated cables and slick-lube liners and will be available in black, gold and silver. 

Both new sets will be available for road and mountain bikes and for derailleurs and brake systems.

“This new line of products is a great example of our commitment to continual innovation and setting the bar higher,” said Blankenship. Pricing will be finalized by September 1 and all the new kits will be available this fall.



Jagwire's new packaging, new logo and new Elite Link cable system

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