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Zen Bicycle Fabrication offers private label designs

Published September 2, 2013

PORTLAND, OR (BRAIN) — If you want your own private label cyclocross or fat bike, Zen just made it a whole lot easier. Not only is the company offering two completely finalized frame designs in low order quantities, it also allows Zen’s customers to take advantage of OEM pricing on these small orders. 

“We are often contacted by companies that want common designs but are unable to meet minimum order quantities or invest in engineering, testing and tooling,” said David Woronets, owner of Zen Bicycle Fabrication. “We want to use our passion for frame design and fabrication to allow customers to focus on selling quality U.S. products,” he added.

Zen’s private label line currently features the ZCX1.0, a race-specific cyclocross frame, and the ZFB1.0, a trail-convertible fat bike frame with clearance for four-inch tires. The collection will continue to grow, with additional designs already in development.

“We will not have a booth at Dirt Demo, but the bikes will be out there floating at some of our partner booths. A customized version of the 'cross frame is being produced for Van Dessel, who will have samples at its booth at Dirt Demo and CrossVegas,” Woronets said.

Cost depends on the level of customization; Woronets speculates that one of its private label fat bikes could retail for under $1,000 if paint and decals were kept simple.

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