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Specialized debuts women's recreational triathlon bike

Published October 10, 2013

MORGAN HILL, CA (BRAIN) — Specialized on Thursday launched a new bike aimed at women who train and compete in triathlons. The Alias model is designed to allow riders to easily switch between a triathlon race position with aero bars and a traditional road position for training.

"The Alias eliminates a common issue cyclists face when taking up the sport of triathlon—the need to have one bike for training and another dedicated tri-bike for racing. The Alias solves this problem making it an ideal bike choice for women who don’t want to buy, or store, two bikes for different needs," Specialized said in a press release for the unusual post-trade show season model introduction timed to coincide with this month's Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. 

The bike's geometry and components allow the position change. A 35 millimeter setback seatpost works for the traditional road position, while swapping to a zero-offset post and installing aero bars preps the bike for a triathlon. The carbon frame features aero tube shaping.

Specialized offers its toptube-mounted Remora storage box as an option, allowing easy access to food during a triathlon.

The Alias is being endorsed by Tara Costa, a former contestant on “The Biggest Loser” and a new triathlete. Costa finished her first Ironman in 2013.

“I never thought I would discover my inner-Alias as a triathlete,” said Costa. “Training and competing in triathlons over the past few years, including my first Ironman finish, has been exhilarating and empowering on my journey to live a healthier life. This sport has the power to transform lives and Specialized is leading the way with all they do to support women in cycling.” 

The Alias will be available in three complete bike models. The Alias Pro Tri will retail for $6,000, the Comp Tri will retail for $3,300 and the Sport Tri will be $2,600. 

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