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4iiii offers crank-based power meter at just $400

Published September 9, 2014

BOULDER CITY, Nev. (BRAIN) — 4iiii Innovations is bringing power training down to a new low price—starting at $400 with its Precision crank-based system introduced at Interbike's OutDoor Demo this week.

Based in Cochrane, Alberta, 4iiii is best known for its heads-up display sunglasses, which relay power and heart rate data to riders. Its new power meter relies on a strain gauge attached to the inside of a crankarm. Its approach is similar Stages Cycling's meter, except that 4iiii will sell the sensor separately, allowing the consumer or retailer to install it on just about any aluminum crank on the market with a two-part epoxy (a carbon crank version is in the works).

The system will be shipped with a kit allowing the user to calibrate the strain gauge to their crank's stiffness profile. A right arm sensor also will be offered, with the pair retailing for $750.

"Our goal is to bring power-training access to a broader market," said 4iii's Janelle Chubby. The company claims the system offers accuracy to within 1 percent, and had a trainer at OutDoor Demo set up with Garmin's Vector power meter and two head units so users could compare their power output as measured by both products simultaneously.

Chubby said retailers who looked at the product were particularly attracted by its low inventory requirements. Unlike other crank-based systems, there is no need for retailers to stock an array of different crank SKUs.

4iiii's founders were involved with the company that made Garmin's Foot Pod running stride device and developed the ANT+ wireless protocol. Besides the new power meter, 4iiii will be showing a minimalist GPS unit at Interbike this week. The Side Kick GPS sensor can be clipped onto a seat bag or shorts and records athletes' locations without running down their smartphone's battery.

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