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Kali releases Shiva helmet: a full-face bicycle helmet that meets DOT motorcycle standards

Published April 7, 2015

MORGAN HILL, Calif. (BRAIN) — Kali Protectives is now delivering a helmet that's been in development for several years — the Shiva Full Face, which meets DOT motorcycle standards but is as light as some full-face bicycle helmets.

The Shiva weighs 1,050 grams, which the company said is 400­-600 grams lighter than competitive helmets, making it one of the lightest DOT-certified helmets on the market.

The company said the lighter weight is good for comfort and performance and also protection. "Recent research has shown that smaller and lighter helmets are crucial for reducing the risk of brain trauma during an impact," the company said in a press statement this week.

Kali said the ASTM DH bicycle helmet standard is not much different from the DOT standard. "The main difference is that the DOT certification requires a higher drop test, a stiffer chin bar, and an additional penetration test," the company said. 

Kali said it's not unusual for DH racers to hit speeds comparable to motorcycle racers, with some World Cup riders being clocked at over 50 mph in competition last year. The Shiva meets DOT, ASTM DH, ASTM BMX, ASTM Snow, and CPSC bicycle standards.

The Shiva has a multiple-density EPS liner that is in­molded to a carbon fiber shell. The liner uses triangular pyramids to distribute forces laterally, allowing the use of a lighter density foam throughout, and reducing the thickness of the shell. Kali claims to be the only manufacturer using inmold manufacturing on a full-face helmet.

The helmet also has 16 vents, a breakaway visor and a less angular helmet shape that is designed to not snag the ground in a crash. It also has an integrated removable camera and light mount.

Retail pricing is $500. It's available in three colors and five sizes.


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