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Recon lowers price of its smart glasses

Published September 15, 2015

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (BRAIN) — Recon Instruments, now owned by Intel, has lowered the retail price on its Recon Jet eyewear. In the United States, Jet is now available for $499.

"As part of Intel, we have added resources to broaden the reach of our technology," said Dan Eisenhardt, the co-founder of Recon Instruments. "Thanks to this price reduction, more athletes and fitness enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the competitive training advantage that Recon Jet enables."

Recon will be offering price-adjustment refunds to customers who purchased or pre-ordered Recon Jet for a higher price prior to the announcement. Eligible customers will receive an e-mail from Recon with instructions on how to receive their refund. 

The Recon Jet has a dual-core processor, high-contrast display, and point-of-view camera. It connects to smartphones and fitness sensors, delivering information just below the user's right eye.

It has an Android-based operating system and an open SDK that allows third-party developers to create apps. Apps are available to control GoPro cameras, provide real-time nutrition and hydration instructions, and enhance a number of activities, including sailing and aviation.

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